Interview: Mr and Miss Nigerian Campus 2019 project

Question: First of all, Tell us what Mr and Miss Nigerian Campus is all about!? 

Answer: Mr and Miss Nigerian campus,is a pageant that cuts across all institutions in Nigeria. Its aim is to fetch out the best in terms of brain and talent.....
Its also a pageant that helps individual discover their best potential.

Question: Just recently we heard about your first project, which was a voluntary outreach, what inspired this very project? 

Answer: OK thank you....
At first I will say, what inspired this project, was my last visit (as Mr Nigerian Campus) to the orphanage home with friends, I observed that all the time people visited them, they came with provisions, etc. And immediately the thought of making a change came into play. I asked myself what I could do for these kids, that will put a smile on their faces, and I first came up with a plan of going to the Orphanage home and ofcoz wash their clothes. I then went there as an individual to do house basic chores for them. Then I realised that my energy couldn't take me, So I decided to make it a project of Mr and Miss Nigerian Campus, which was a success on the 24th May 2019

Question: How many Royalties supported you in this project

Answer: Well it was a collaboration with University Of Calabar Royal House, we had the likes of Mr Unical 2019 (King Coty), Mr Unical 2018 (King Shadrach) other royalties include, Mr/Miss Unical 2019 manager (Mr Uti Ibanga)
Miss Nigerian Campus 2019
Mr Nigerian campus photogenic 2019
Mr pasa 2019
Mr pasa tourism 2019
Miss pasa tourism 2019
Miss Esan 2018
Mr Aesa
Miss Aesa
Miss Nalis
Miss sesa
D.O.S of Engineering
Elite Tv
Mr Boco
Miss hapiness
Mr jude
Mr/Miss Nigerian Campus Manager (Mr Kemmie Jack)

Question: What was the result of this Project? 

Answer: The result was the smiles on the children faces, you know that feeling of being loved and cared for, and knowing that someone one somewhere appreciate your existence, even as Orphans, and the best of it was the children prayer for us and as funny as it sounds, they also requested for our prayer request, and they prayed for us for making out time for them!

Question: Is there any other thing you'd want us to know?

Answer: I will say that this project was just the platform for more projects. Everyone should anticipate two more bigger project from now to August... I won't love to break the suspense, but our next big project would be a CAMPUS FITNESS STORM, and this would hold at the prestigious Cross River University of Technology (Crutech).
Arrangements are ongoing, we've discussed with the Director of SOCIALS Crutech calabar campus and he's game that's it!

Here are some photos from the just concluded voluntary outreach project

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