Record Label : GG Entertainment (Goal Getterz Entertainment)

GG Entertainment (Goal Getterz Entertainment) is a multimedia owned by a sensational artist, YOUNG BLINKZ. It was established on 23rd May, 2016.
GG Entertainment as a record label is to provide in a supplely manner quality and acceptable audio-visual entertainment to consumers both domestically and internationally. As a record label we produce incredibly talented and aspiring arts that can be domestically and internationally consumed.
Indegenously, our aim is to supply quality and profitable African traditional music together with contemporary music and internationally produce arts edible beyond borders; Dancehall, Reggae, Jazz, hipop, Hi & Hip life etc. As an entertainment industry, we are not to entertain via only music but to equally make available creative arts as far as movies are concerned. These movies would be industrious in educating and entertaining the society by reflecting every aspect of the society; political, religious and economic phases.
Our Mission
To bridge the gap between aspiring creative artists and the world.
Our Vision
To enable aspiring creative artists to be self-sufficient as far as ever changing world of technology relative to entertainment is concerned.
Social Media Handles:
Facebook @GG Entertainment
With one official deejay: Dj Wizkel
Our Signed Artiste Names:
Young Blinkz
Roughy Pablo
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