Bolt is a member of the illuminati

Lol. People who can't comprehend greatness! They have to give credit to Illuminati or some other dark society. Read below for entertainment purposes.

A conspiracy theorist who goes by the name The Vigilant Christian on YouTube claims Usain Bolt is an illuminati member and claims he has proof.

He says that Bolt uses Masonic hand symbols when he's on the world stage, as well as wearing jewellery that is a tell-tale sign of his involvement with the group.

He goes ahead to suggest that the sprinter is devil himself saying:
"The guy's name is Bolt. OK? Lightning bolt. And Jesus said that he saw Satan fall to earth 'like lightning'. The subliminal messaging is too overwhelming to believe this is all coincidence."

On his YouTube channel, The Vigilant Christian wrote:
"In this video I point out the Illuminati connection and symbolism of Usain Bolt. The world is a stage and more of it orchestrated than you can imagine."
Funny how successful people are always linked with one dark society or the other. What cult did they belong to when they were nobodies? Rubbish!
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