Yes! without any regret or remorse I say that #Nigeria has nothing to offer her citizens because a huge percentage of her population have nothing to offer her. Its obviously garbage in, garbage out. Can you mention one hero that brought a significant change, oh sorry, +ve transformation to Nigeria's economy? just one!.
Now I see the reason why every country/nation is usually affiliated with the feminine gender (her, she).
Every espoused woman needs to be told how wonderful she is, she needs protection, she needs to be provided for, she needs prayers, she needs love and care, she needs a man she can trust with her life and all that she has, she needs respect from her man. Love covers all these. Its saddening that most Nigerians are playboys to their own country, expecting her to be submissive to them meanwhile they've made her heart bitter and the only way she can react is what has resulted to what we are facing today as a nation. Let's start with the civil/public servants. Do you always put down the correct time you get to work when signing the attendance register?, do you manipulate figures when awarding a contract?, do you see a golden privilege to serve at any capacity as a duty or an opportunity to cunningly get your own share of the national cake?. When I was a school boy, we used to recite the national pledge during assembly and whenever it gets to that part that says “to serve Nigeria with all my strength" I usually hear some of the pupils say “to serve Nigeria is not by force" and if one peradventure asks them why they're misquoting the national pledge, they would ask you “what has Nigeria done for me?, is Nigeria paying my fees?", and the next thing that may follow if one tries to correct that impression is abuses. Ask not what Nigeria can do for you but what you can do for Nigeria. Remember Nigeria is a lady and you are her man. She has lots of love to offer but the bitterness in her heart as a result of the heartbreak she has suffered from most Nigerians is seriously constraining her affection. so # showNigeriaSomeLove and she'll be friendly to you.

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